North Edinburgh

In Edinburgh you don't have to travel far out of the city to find wide open parkland and the nature which inhabits it. If you are looking for some peace and tranquillity within easy reach of the city centre, then heading north is a pretty good bet. North Edinburgh is the location of several public parks, many sports pitches, some golf courses and, perhaps most notably, the Royal Botanic Gardens. As a result, it makes a popular place to live and is the home to some of Edinburgh's wealthiest sons.
At the very least, a visit to Stockbridge is well worth the effort. Sitting on the border of Edinburgh North and the New Town (as defined by My Guide), Stockbridge is within easy walking distance, especially as it is all downhill! It is a traditional village situated on the Water of Leith, which was transformed into part of the city during the building of the New Town. For such a small community, it has more than its fair share of good restaurants and cafes.

Further afield, and located on the banks of the Firth of Forth, lies the picturesque village of Cramond. For those who like their history, Cramond has an interesting story which dates back from the Roman invasion to the industrial revolution. Although it is a charming place, there is little to do there nowadays, but there are a couple of scenic walks and an authentic Scottish pub in which to refuel. Up the hill from the village sits two of Edinburgh's most prestigious golf clubs, the Royal Burgess and Bruntsfield Links; a must-visit for any golf enthusiast.