It is always good to know where to find a pharmacy while on holiday. Not only because of the typical things you may need to buy there but also because British pharmacies provide a number of different services. You can print photographs, buy makeup, batteries and many other little things, which (if you are visiting Britain for the first time) you may not expect to get in a pharmacy.




University of Edinburgh Pharmacy|6 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL, Edinburgh|0131 668 2182**

Royal Mile Pharmacy|67 High St, EH1 1SR, Edinburgh|0131 556 1971**

Apple Pharmacy|105 Broughton St, EH1 3RZ, Edinburgh|0131 5561054**

Apple Pharmacy|6 Eyre Place, EH3 5EP, Edinburgh|0131 556 1908**

Boots UK|11 Princes Street, EH2 2AN, Edinburgh|0131 558 7908**

Boots UK|101-103 Princes Street, EH2 3AA, Edinburgh|0131 225 8331**

Fittleworth Medical Ltd|74 Rose St North Lane, EH2 3DX|0131 220 0650**

Southside Pharmacy|79-81 Nicolson St, EH8 9BZ, Edinburgh|0131 667 4032**

Stockbridge Pharmacy|35-37 North West Circus Place, EH3 6TW, Edinburgh|0131 220 9150**

Marchmont Pharmacy|26 Marchmont Rd, EH9 1HZ, Edinburgh|0131 228 6677****