South Edinburgh

The city boundaries of Edinburgh stretch further south than one might think. So much so, that they take in the vast expanse of hills known as the Pentlands, offering a totally different aspect of the city. Nearer the town centre, South Edinburgh is home to many suburban communities which seem to be constantly growing in size and popularity due to the short commute into town.

The villages of Colinton and Swanston are particularly idyllic, showing signs of village life as it was two or three hundred years ago, juxtaposed with a typical picture of modern suburban living. Swanston remains relatively unspoilt by development and you could be forgiven for believing you were miles away from a big city. Colinton on the other hand, has become one of Edinburgh’s most affluent places to live. Set at the foot of the Pentlands, it’s a great place to go hiking, with scenic walks up in the hills or along the Water of Leith.

There are several golf courses in South Edinburgh, most of which are quite hilly and therefore offer superb views of Edinburgh and the surrounding area.