West End

Edinburgh’s West End was built as one of the latter phases of the New Town development. Consequently, the West End is blessed with splendid Victorian architecture and much grandeur. A large proportion of the area lies within the UNESCO World Heritage Site boundary.

In a similar way to the London district of the same name, the West End of Edinburgh is synonymous with culture and is home to some of the most popular arts venues in the city. Three such venues can be found crammed together in a small cluster just off Lothian Road; the Usher Hall, the Royal Lyceum Theatre and the Traverse Theatre. Furthermore, a quick dash across the street will bring you to the Edinburgh Filmhouse, and continuing your journey along the same road will take you past two more cinemas and eventually to the King’s Theatre.

As you might imagine, the wealth of entertainment options gives rise to a proportionate number of bars and eateries, turning the West End into a bustling scene of activity when dusk falls. Indeed there are a number of local favourites jostling for custom with the well-known chains as audiences pour out of their seats and into the streets. Edinburgh’s old and new towns are also within touching distance and accessible from here by foot but, for longer journeys, the West End is served by most bus routes and by Haymarket Rail Station.