Edinburgh Taxis

Edinburgh is arguably as synonymous with the traditional black taxi cab as London is, although there are a couple of newer designs on the roads nowadays. They are a quick and effective method of travelling about the city, especially if you are looking for a door-to-door service.

Taxis can be found at the many taxi ranks about the town centre or hailed down off the street; the general rule is that the yellow "TAXI" light on top of the cab indicates availability. Alternatively, phone one of the companies to book ahead or call out to your current location, which is advised during busy times and bad weather. Taxis in Edinburgh tend not be too expensive; they run on a council-approved meter that takes duration, distance and time of day into account in the price. As they can hold up to 6 passengers, taxis can often work out cheaper than alternative transport options.


Company Website Phone No.
Central Taxis http://taxis-edinburgh.co.uk/ +44 (0)131 229 2468
City Cabs citycabs.co.uk/ +44 (0)131 228 1211
ComCab comcab-edinburgh.co.uk/ +44 (0)131 272 8000
Aerial ABW Cabs (Midlothian) aerialabwcabs.co.uk/ +44 (0)131 663 3232